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I have served aging adults as long as I can remember. I used to assist my great-grandmother, Ella Colenburg and her friends whenever they needed my help. They appreciated my little helping hands so much they nicknamed me “little missionary”. Little did I know that this desire to care for my grandmother would one day create a service that would serve others.

In 1998 I worked in a personal care home as a live-in director. I would make sure my residents daily needs were meet and kept them entertained with daily activities. That’s when I found my passion working with the aging community, because I didn’t see my job as working. I believed I was an extension of their family unit.

iLoveKare is designed to alleviate social isolation through daily activities reflecting the interest of the members. iLoveKare allows aging adults to continue to live and receive needed care with a supportive daily plan.

iLoveKare collaborating with KMH concierge was established in 2013 Kennesaw,Ga, U.S.A as a Limited Liability Corporation. Kimberly M Haase serve as the managing member of iLoveKare. She (KMH) has seventeen years experience working with aging adults.Kimberly has earned a Geriatric Certification along with a Social Science Degree in political science. She serves on the Cobb County Senior Citizen Executive Board, Cherokee County Volunteer Aging Council(VAC), and is a member of both Business Professional Women of Canton-Cherokee and Advocate for Community Oncology(CPAN). Kim's “gratitude comes from serving others."

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